I’m so excited for this weekend.

First I’m hanging out with some cool nerds for two days and watching Guardians of the Galaxy to top it off.


Then on Monday after work, I’ve got a DATE.

With some really old friends from Elementary School.

Like, ACTUAL 10-year reunion status, I met them both at the local Barnes and Nobles, now I get to catch up with them there too!

So excited.

Also, I kind of wish I was going on a romantic date with one of them because he was literally my first crush and he’s still super attractive it’s not fair.

Re: Losing Roxas

I made the same post on Facebook, nd I’m referring to a super cute phone charm I got at a con.
But this dude I knew in high school comments “You lost me?” Because his FB name is Roxas.
No fool, your name is Chris.

I lost Roxas. ;A;





Parents cleaned the area I sleep in today so i had to move most f my stuff upstairs. I left all electronics because they weren’t on the floor, but they moved stuff anyway now i can’t find my iHome or anything attached to it.
It’s literally a big thing with a giant plug at the end of a long cord.
How do you misplace that?
Top it all off, Dad says I should check the trash in the morning.
Fucking really?

Apparently Jesse McCartney is performing in Anaheim on September 4th.

My sister wants to take me to see him because i’m in love with the guy.

He’s a great performer. And I also love him because he’s a voice actor.

I wanna go so bad.

But it’s a Thursday.

I work Thursdays.

Talking to my dad over lunch about dating because i was asked on a couple the past year (all rejected because NO), and then I brought up high school memories and told him about this one asshole b=from back then and how he hasn’t changed over the course of  years, and my dad says:

(italics is Dad and bold is me)

"You should have asked him if he started drinking yet."


"So you could ask him f he drank wine."


"Then if he said yes, you could ask him where all the wine corks went."

'You don't get it?”

"No? Why corks?

"Because he shoved them all up his ass."


My biggest regrets for AX 2014:

  1. Not taking more photos. So many amazing cosplays, but I could only take a few. ;3;
  2. Not flirting with cute cosplayers, or at least complimenting them. OTL

I registered for Anime CA. :U

I’m not even gonna cosplay or stay in a hotel, or even SHOP.


I’m so upset.
On the bright side I got to audition for Bang! Zoom.
But I would rather NOT have lost my wallet in the midst of Artist Alley.