Yes, I am Asian, No, I am not to be Objectified or told How I am Supposed to Be because I am Asian

Yes, Hello, I am Asian.

Moreover, I am an Asian woman. 

To be more specific: I am Chinese, whose parents and grandparents are from Taiwan, whose older ancestors probably came from China. 

Point is, I am Chinese, which is Asian.

Now that I have stated that I am Asian six times, allow me to tell you what life can be like for me.

I have been creeped on by guys, purely because I am Asian. Usually, said dudes are weebs who believe Asians to be super awesome, based solely on what they see or perceive from movies, games, and anime they have watched. Let me state the obvious: Asians in real life are not like Asians in the media. Sometimes, sure, there will be people of Asian descent who can do super awesome things, like be well versed in martial arts or swordsmanship, they could be skilled at calligraphy, and they could probably speak more than one language, and so on. That doesn’t mean all Asians can do these things. I have no experience at all whatsoever in martial arts or swordsmanship aside from being able to strike a cool pose. My calligraphy/ink painting/watercolor skills are mediocre at best. I can speak more than one language only because I was willing to learn said languages. Point is, the above mentioned things are things that require skill, and they don’t have much to do with one’s race (they can have plenty to do with one’s ethnicity, but that’s still only if individuals are willing to learn how to do these things).

I’ve also been lied to about a person’s ethnic background, one particular example being a whit guy in high school who told all sorts of lies about himself in an effort to impress every female he encountered, the biggest BS lie was when he said he was actually Japanese with an inner demon, then changing his ancestry so that he was actually Korean. The benefit of the doubt can be given to the statement that he may have been part Asian, but everything else he told me, not so much.

I work at a restaurant, and occasionally, I play bartender. Most of my bar customers tend to be older white men. Said gentlemen like to project their personal fantasies and perceptions on me because I am Asian. Personally, I would like them to stop talking about my being Asian and how great it is that I am a young Asian, or rather, “Oriental” woman. It gets old.

And then there are the types of people (typically white) who like to psychoanalyze me based on my being Asian. Not even Chinese. Just Asian

The worst case in my experience is this old (white) man who used to run the local chess club. My brother likes Chess, so he would go there no matter who ran it. Now, mind you, my brother is a quiet kid. If he sees no reason to raise his voice, he won’t. Chess is meant to be a quiet game, so he plays it quietly. He also has a good poker face because Chess is a /strategy/ game. You don’t want people knowing your next move in a strategy game.

SO, one day, after observing and analyzing my bro’s play style, he decides to psychoanalyze my bro’s entire personality based only on his chess playing and the fact that he is Asian. Instead of telling my bro how he feels about his playing, he writes a letter to my family to discuss my bro’s potential and whatever problems he think he may have. I read this letter, and I get ALL KINDS OF OFFENDED. He made all these assumptions about our family and about my bro, all of which are WRONG, and he has this kind of “I know all there is to know about you because you’re Asian” feel.

So, the next time I see him and I confront him about this ridiculous letter, calling him out on his shit (calmly, because the last thing I want to do is cause an old person a heart attack). Boy, does this guy loves to hear himself talk. When I tell him that he’s being offensive, not only does he not apologize for his obviously racist behavior, he goes on to compare me to an ex of his-

"Oh I know exactly how to deal with you. I had a relationship with a Korean woman once, and she had an attitude like yours." 

And I’m just here, like what the fuck? I don’t care about your past relationships, and I am not your Korean ex-girlfriend, do not compare me to some stranger just because I’m Asian. How offensive can you get????

And he still thinks this way. He came into my work a little while ago so he can talk about my bro to my dad or mom, and he goes on about how “OH, your son is like this because he’s part of an Oriental household, and I know all about Orientals, BLAH BLAH BLAH”

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

So now that that story is over, here are some things I would like to tell you:

  1. DO NOT, under ANY circumstance, make assumptions about someone because of their race/ethnicity. Because that is just plain rude and offensive.
  2. DO NOT call someone exotic because they look different from you. It is dehumanizing.
  3. DO NOT try to explain my culture to me. I am Chinese. I know what Chinese culture is. I know my parents’ life stories. YOU don’t. So DON’T explain the actions/behaviors of MY relatives to me, because YOU say you know about MY culture. Don’t do this to anyone. It’s irritating.
  4. DO NOT STEREOTYPE. It’s fucking rude. 

That’s all folks. This has been a rant.

I’m supremely frustrated with my schedule, I’m crying over my dental costs, and I couldn’t buy my prescription today because by the time I got out of the dentist all the pharmacies were closed, and now the whole right side of my face is in a WHOLE WORLD OF PAIN. Why did I start watching Anohana????

Reasons I avoid the dentist: Financial ones.
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Hey man, I’m just trying to keep this friendship alive and you’re kinda not cooperating with me lol

My part-time petition has been approved!


I still owe a lot of money though….;w;

I started a comic.

A friend cam to visit me at work today, so i showed it to him, and he wrote me a poem that basically sums up my feelings. It shall be included in my comic. Whenever i finish it.

I’m attempting to illustrate a comic while at work because I’ve had it swirling around in my head for a little while now.

But how does drawing again???

Back from the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Now be prepared for a photo/video spam of the greatest man on earth.

Jesse McCartney

I do a lot of stupid things and for that I apologize.

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